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Zhou Xin

Chairman, E-House; Member, Wharton Board of Overseers

Zhou Xin is the co-founder of E-House, and has served as E-House’s chairman and chief executive officer since its inception. Mr. Zhou currently serves as executive chairman of Leju Holdings Limited(NYSE ticker: LEJU)and director of Jupai Holdings Limited (NYSE ticker: JP). Mr. Zhou has over 20 years of experience in China’s real estate industry. From 1997 to 2003, he served as director and general manager of Shanghai Real Estate Exchange Co., Ltd., and as deputy general manager of Shanghai Jinfeng Investment Co., Ltd., a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Mr. Zhou was named as the “Person of the Year of Chinese Economy” jointly by SINA and People’s Daily in 2016, received the “China Business Leader Award” from the Eighth China Business Leader Forum in 2016, received the “Outstanding Entrepreneur Award” from Enterprise Asia in 2010, awarded the “Special Contribution Award in China’s Real Estate Services Industry” in 2005, and named one of the “ten most influential people in the real estate services industry in 2005” from China City Property Exposition Commission. Mr. Zhou currently serves as vice chairman of China Real Estate Association, chairman of Real Estate Service Committee of China Real Estate Association, director of The Nature Conservancy China and vice chairman of China Real Estate Developers and Investors Associations. He is also honorary vice chairman of Shanghai Young Entrepreneur Association and rotating chairman of Shanghai Entrepreneur Association. Mr. Zhou received his bachelor degree from Shanghai Industrial University in China.